Rethinking the bank –
redesigning the bank


 Corporate Design Preis 2017 | Nominee

 iF  Design Award 2017

comdirect bank AG is one of the leading online banks and online brokers in Germany. it is regarded as a forerunner of self-determined banking. comdirect has more than three million customers in 2018. Its website is one of the most frequently financial websites in Germany.

Corporate Design
Innovative, accessible and intuitive



Rethinking the bank, rethinking the design: comdirect has the courage to tear up old rules. The new, pithy corporate design underscores the aspiration of the successful direct bank. comdirect is developing more and more quickly into the smart financial guide for modern investors. This change is giving expression to the bank's new, fresh appearance and demeanour.

Not the same as other banks
The design team resorted to unconventional stylistic methods: in their choice of colours, they opted not only for anthracite but also for aggressive lemon yellow, a colour that polarises because of its unusual incisiveness. The new design strengthens comdirect's profile compared to its competitors – while simultaneously making the bank more recognisable and unique. Intuitively comprehensible pictograms and a new pictorial world that tells stories from the customer's perspective behind the bank products polishes off the new corporate design in a way that reflects the brand perfectly.

Digital brand
The result: an innovative, lively and clear CD relaunch including a revamped logo – with a special focus on functionality in the online context. The performance sets the stage for comdirect even more strongly as a digital brand, with equally high recognisability, and presents the comdirect website in a new, intuitively understandable design.

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