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Sana Kliniken


Design analysis · Corporate design development · CD implementation

As the third-largest private clinics group in Germany, Sana Kliniken AG has more than 50 hospitals and is one of the most significant providers in the integrated health services segment.


At our very first meeting with wirDesign we had a good feeling – and that good feeling endured throughout the entire process. I found the team to be absolutely professional in every situation, all of them concentrated on what they could do best – and that can be seen in the result, design of the highest quality.

Patrick Engelke, Head of Corporate Communications, Sana

Design analysis and CD development 
Keeping an eye on the big picture

Following a comprehensive design analysis and a joint design audit workshop with our client Sana, we clarified the requirements of the new appearance. In an integrative design process, we developed design guidelines.

Design principle
flexible and playful

The rod of Asclepius with snake forms the basis of the CD. Derived from the »Sana-S«, quarter circles and quarter arches constitute the smallest components of the new design principle. In a variety of compositions, the »bits and arches« are a many-faceted, unmistakable presence that makes an emotional and accessible impression.

Clear umbrella brand systematology

A simple, clear and uniform sender systematology strengthens the Sana brand. The common symbol »Sana-S« was optimised slightly and will be supplemented with the respective with the respective clinic's name.

Maximum freedom

Minimal guidelines while dispensing with inflexible bodies of design rules generate maximum scope in everyday dealings with the new appearance. In this way, the design can be adapted individually to the requirements of the various communicative occasions. Templates and models enable users to design the media themselves – they decide how »loudly« or »softly« the design will be played in each case.

The new design is absolutely practicable in its implementation: the small number of rules means that it can be understood right away and implemented quickly. All of the clinics genuinely enjoy working with it.

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