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Provinzial NordWest

The Provinzial NordWest group is part of the German savings banks organisation Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and the second-largest insurance group in Germany. The three regional indemnity and accident insurers Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung, Provinzial Nord Brandkasse and Hamburger Feuerkasse operate under the group's umbrella.

Brand management and CD implemenation
One portal, threefold usage

As the existing CD portals were old-fashioned and confusing to use, we created a new, extensible system which gives users a simple overview of the CD principles and media.

It´s triplets.
The CD portal for Provinzial.

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The online portal provides CD users with a practical working aid that doesn't require hours of familiarisation before you can use it. The agencies that use the portal are particularly keen on its well-structured page design: the brief textual items, expressive pictures and easy-to-use download area make it possible to work effectively with the image. In parallel, the accompanying PDFs answer any questions on details that might arise.

Corporate design
Green, blue, red.

Our assignment was to standardise the visual image of the subsidiary (daughter) companies so that the group bond would be more readily visible and operational synergies could be generated. The companies now operate in unison under the group's umbrella while retaining their respective regional flavour.

Web design and programming
Design pattern libraries

We developed the screen design for the websites of the group's three brands using the design pattern libraries principle. We implemented the programmed CSS in ÖV_digital's master, which all public-sector insurers are able to access. The websites now display optimised user guidance and an improved product and theme search function.

For this project, we collaborated closely with a variety of partners such as the digital agency OEV, the management consultancy accoda and the software developer codecentric.

We have used all the master's possibilities cleverly and creatively in successfully bringing our screen design onto the digital highway.

Torsten Michel, CTO, wirDesign

Our expertise

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Our expertise

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Our expertise
Brand Management

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