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(Not) just any old company magazine

To attract readers with no interest in image communication, we developed a visual and content-based concept for New Yorker's image magazine with the objective of turning non-readers into readers.

The texts capitalise on the readers' expectations – in order to spring a few surprises on them. In editorial and design terms, the magazine plays with paradoxes and contrasts, reflecting the brand attitude. New Yorker's self-image as a lifestyle leader is brought to life in a striking presentation of youth and pop culture. In this unconventional way, the brand is presented in an authentic and eye-catching manner to its B2B target group.

We don't have a philosophy.
We have fun.


Image brochure • communication concept • corporate publishing

The fashion company New Yorker is one of the biggest young-fashion chain store operators in the business with around 950 branches in 32 countries.

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Our expertise

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Brigida Kempf

Creative Director