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The new brand HeyCar was founded with a clear objective: to be the trustworthy port of call for anyone looking for used motor vehicles of all automobile brands. On the one hand, HeyCar puts the car and quality to the forefront for customers while simultaneously enabling dealers to develop additional sources of earning potential. The used-car platform HeyCar cooperates only with selected quality dealers. In doing so, HeyCar dispenses entirely with advertising and purchased inserts. HeyCar is backed by Mobility Trader GmbH and Volkswagen Finanzdienstleistungen as a business unit of Volkswagen AG.



Branding & Corporate design

New brand HeyCar


In close cooperation with Mobility Trader, wirDesign was responsible for the naming, claiming, brand positioning and corporate design of the new brand HeyCar. The idea behind the design principle lies in the simple message, while the tonality is clear, quick and personal – like the name HeyCar itself, which is a strong metaphor for the new brand that has nothing to hide and is designed to be unforgettable. It talks to you and appeals to you.

The branding emerged in an agile process that is continuing even after the launch in order to adjust and improve the portal continuously.

The concise icon style plays with the »setting the focus« element. As regards design, individual elements can be highlighted and statements can be underlined word for word.

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Our expertise

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