Evolution and management
of the brand Fressnapf

We have been working for Fressnapf, Europe's largest specialist retail chain for household pet supplies, since 2011.


The challenges we faced were the great complexity and the many different sales channels that had to be taken into account – which wirDesign handled with flying colours. The manuals have provided us with a sound basis for a distinctive and successful brand presence.

CD update
A system for Europe

As well as the developing the harmonisation and structuring of the existing corporate design, we have established new guidelines and design tools for the client's pan-European product and price communication..

Likeable and functional orientation

The CD update includes, among other things, new pictograms. The animal pictograms have become more likeable and emotional, while the service pictograms are more functional in nature. Fressnapf's pictogram world reinforces the brand's clear differentiation from its competitors and contributes to its distinct recognisability.

Nothing but the best for dogs,
cats and the rest

Fressnapf often appears in the public eye together with other brands, e.g. as part of sponsorship activities, collaborations, events and/or promotions. A fusion of different images would, however, be confusing and ambiguous. We developed co-branding system to facilitate the simple and clear integration of outside brands into the Fressnapf design while preventing visual competition between different brands.

Our Expertise

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Our Expertise

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Christian Sanders

Junior Designer