Upping the tempo


Commerzbank is one of the leading private- and corporate-customer banks in Germany.


Thanks to wirDesign's continuous support, the Commerzbank report has become an outstanding ambassador for the new brand.

Corporate Design 
Annual reports

Serial success.

With the 2007 annual report, we laid the foundations for Commerzbank's corporate design, which is still in use today. We also radically revised the report's content, structure, form and function. Numerous national and international awards, as well as consistently positive appraisals in the »manager magazin« annual report ranking, have confirmed the success of this strategy.

Annual report 2015

Another step forward.

The 2015 annual report highlights Commerzbank's positive development process as early as its title: Upping the tempo. The image section repeatedly picks up on the title theme featuring the jogging branch manager Lena Kuske, who is well-known from the TV campaign. In a news-style format with large-scale typography and brief text segments, these pages provide the most important facts in a nutshell. The predominant theme is growing along with one's goals and »upping the tempo«.

Annual report 2014

Löw and the team.

The banking business is changing and Commerzbank has responded with a range of strategic measures. The 2014 annual report illustrates the status quo in this change process: »Our path. Determined. Systematic.« The focus is the campaign motif for the soccer World Cup in Brazil – placed boldly on the title page.

Annual report 2012

The bank on your side.

Commerzbank is putting its faith in a change of paradigm. It wants to shape a new kind of banking with modern technologies, innovative products and traditional values. This is what Lena Kuske stands for. She manages one of the bank's branches in Hamburg and is a keen long-distance runner. The report accompanies her on her morning run – which is exemplary for the path that Commerzbank itself is currently treading. We have  created a supplementary online version of the printed material. Its interactive comparisons, related links and extensive download possibilities in a lucid navigation format provide genuine added value to the online report.


 German Design Award 2015 | Special Mention
LACP Vision Award | Over All Platin

Brand portal
Everything under control.

A comprehensive brand management system saves time and money in corporate-design and marketing processes. The portal documents all of the basic elements and the most important applications.

Design elements such as logos or advertisement templates can be downloaded and business stationery can be created in a do-it-yourself process using web-to-print offerings. In addition, a sizeable digital asset management system manages all of the image data. Consequently, the effort and expense involved in the implementation of new brand content is reduced significantly and the cost-effective distribution of all digitisable data facilitated.

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