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Berlin Hyp

Berlin Hyp has been established on the German market as a real estate bank for almost 150 years and enjoys considerable success. The bank specialises particularly in the field of high-volume and complex real-estate financing arrangements and operates in partnership with Germany´s savings banks ("Sparkassen"). 

In wirDesign we have found a partner that has provided us with expert support throughout our entire branding and creative process and with has helped us achieve a convincing result.

Nicole Hanke, Head of Corporate Communications at Berlin Hyp

Brand Relaunch
Banking on red
for Berlin Hyp

At the beginning of 2013, this long-established Berlin-based real-estate bank was set to undergo across-the-board strategic repositioning. The rebranding process had been triggered by the reorganisation of the bank's parent company Landesbank Berlin (LBB). Berlin Hyp was positioned as an autonomous real-estate financier and future affiliate of Berliner Sparkasse within the Savings Banks Finance Group. This realignment resulted in a new independent market position and an expansion of the range of services provided, both as an associated bank and to real-estate customers – we have integrated these successfully into Berlin Hyp's new brand positioning.

In order to make the brand's strategic transformation visible, we have also developed a new corporate design. The new design communicates the brand's membership of the savings-banks family using pictorial symbols, colours and typography, whilst at the same time emphasising its independence within the family.

Change Branding 
How do employees and the brand come together?

The objective was to structure the brand process in a participatory manner, which was why the employee information market was introdued right at the start. As well as conveying information, the market formed an integral part of the internal communication concept. Intensive internal communication throughout the process significantly increased the employees' willingness to embrace the change as well as their acceptance of the new brand presence.

wirDesign's highly participatory approach, including customer surveys and an employee information market, was very much in line with our aim to fully include all the players involved.

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