Corporate Design
What does an
industry start-up
look like?

 Corporate Design Preis 2016 | award

The new start-up brand AXOOM's corporate design, as well as the screen design and front-end templates for the browser-based platform, were developed in close consultation with the client. When the brand was launched, we also demonstrated the tool's functionality and added value in an explanatory film.

AXOOM's business model is anchored in the online environment. It therefore made the most sense to develop the brand from these digital roots. The greatest challenge we faced was to be as succinct as possible using the simplest means. The design we chose strikes a bold path – a departure from the digital start-up world's visual codes and the conventional images from the realms of mechanical engineering. The black, white and yellow colour scheme, the font designed especially for AXOOM, and the reduction to typography and icons creates a simple but strong design that is both robust and scalable as required.

A digital brand
for Industry 4.0


Brand development · CD development · screen design

AXOOM is an independent start-up initiative launched by the high-tech company TRUMPF. It provides IT services to manufacturing companies in which machine tools, lasers and electronics for industrial applications are used. The new digital business platform provides these companies with solutions for their respective paths into Industry 4.0.

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