Corporate Brand Solutions
Concerted efforts for corporate brands.

We develop made-to-measure solutions that reflect your company’s realities.



No strategy without a goal

No focussed action without a strategy. That’s why we establish a direct link between our work and your strategic objectives. They are the guidelines which direct our creative input.

Ideas that pack a punch

Ideas are the lynchpin of your brand. They translate your strategic goals into words and images. An idea isn’t good simply because it’s unusual or witty. A good idea enhances your brand and its values shaping your brand image in a lasting and holistic way across a range of media.

Sparkling implementation

We translate your brand idea into communication. Your brand is then presented according to the highest standards of design, text and technology. Only under these conditions can your brand develop charisma and provide real added value to your corporate strategy.

Real treasure hunters invest in the first steps

Only those with a clear concept of themselves can communicate a clear concept to others.

Market research · Brand analysis · Brand development · Brand identity · Brand strategy · Development of guiding principle · Brand architecture · Brand positioning · Brand relaunch · Naming · Brand claim · Employer branding

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Brand Management
Brand Management is people management

All things new require change – we guide you through the process and and help to generate acceptance.

Brand management · Brand implementation · ChangeBranding · Brand management systems · CD portals · Web2Print systems

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Visual strategies for successful brands

Intelligent organisation rather than rigid rules.

 CD analysis · CD development · Design strategy · CD relaunch · Visual language · Design principle · CD implementation

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Relevant messages in the dialogue

between strategy, brand and stories

Communication strategy · Brand story · Internal communication · External communication · Corporate publishing · 3D communication · Trade fair · Apps

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Looking back and looking ahead

The ideal company report demonstrates the company’s future viability, linking it to a strong brand message.

Company reports · Annual reports · CSR reports · Sustainability reports · Activity reports

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