Intelligent organisation
rather than rigid rules.

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The speed of digital transformation is confronting your brand with new challenges. The field of design has long ceased to be concerned with visuals alone. In order to sucessfully make use of this multitude of new formats, a company's image requires intelligent organisation. That´s why we replace rigid rules with an »elastic« corporate design for you. Simple, modular application principles guarantee agile handling and make self-similar and relevant brand messages possible across all touchpoints. A 360° approach facilitates an inclusive style of communication that encourages dialogue.

Strong brands attract attention and are understood intuitively. They generate a media-neutral genetic code that works all over the world. Based on a succinct corporate design and the communication of a clear message they are relevant to those who see them and convey orientation, trust and quality.

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Portal-module CD implementation
Turning users into participants.

Initial investment in a corporate design only pays off if it can be accessed, understood and accepted without difficulty. Implementation can be considered successful once it is being used continuously and competently – by everyone involved.

Design with substance

Your corporate design needs a solid basis. We use wirDesign BrandExplorer® to help answer all your brand-related questions. As part of this process,  we formulate your brand promise, and, on that basis, add substance to its performance and personality traits. These constitute the best foundation for developing an elastic corporate design as a part of your brand experience.

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Digital brand management requires elastic systems that facilitate diversity and reduce complexity.