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The purpose of communication is to convey a message. We help you to develop your internal and external communication in a way that does your brand justice. In the process, we translate the brand's essence into vibrant visuals and language. We dispense with isolated solutions and focus on the main communicative idea. In this way, we create a consistent and vivid picture of your corporate brand and generate brand experiences that are received with enthusiasm across media boundaries.

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An overview

Mind movies

For centuries we have been telling stories in order to pass on knowledge and messages. Stories remain lodged in our memory and move us. That's why, at wirDesign, the brand story is always at the heart of our communication. With your brand in the role of the hero.

Strategy as backbone

We distil the insights gained from our BrandExplorer® into effective ideas that emanate from the brand's core. From this point of departure, our communication strategies are able to respond to brand strategy-related issues.

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Creative Director

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The brand core constitutes the basis for all communication – internal and external alike.

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Chairman of the board

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The brand's relevance must be grasped quickly – otherwise interest will be lost.