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Brand management is people management

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Our method for developing
corporate brands

Each reshaping of your brand or corporate design marks the beginning of a change process. We guide you through this process and break down emotional and technical barriers by involving managers and employees in specific ways. Pivotal individuals assume the role of brand messengers at an early stage. wirDesign calls this ChangeBranding.

Our common goal is a successful and sustainable brand process. Our responsibility for you brand includes helping you to involve all of the key players in an appropriate and active way. As a result, internal and external expert knowledge combines to enhance the development of a well-founded brand and design strategy. We support your entire brand process right through to the implementation phase using this participatory approach. ChangeBranding helps you to shorten implementation processes considerably and utilise your resources to optimum effect.

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An overview

Brand and CD portals
Corporate design available 24/7

A corporate design is only as good as its availability. The time-, cost- and resource-saving implementation of communicatio media in a correctly applied corporate design requires simple processes and fast access to current data.

As practical application aids, brand and CD portals increase user motivation and brand acceptance. They document all the rules governing your look and feel online and make templates or other files available directly as downloads: every day, all over the world and 24/7. The portal can be expanded at any time and is always up to date in real time. Web-to-print modules enable us to fully automate standard processes in media production and to structure the workflow with service providers more effectively. With technical brand management systems at your disposal, you can control a large part of your brand activities and contribute actively to your return on investment.

Willing to change and able to make it happen.
The goal: employees as a team of brand messengers
The strategy: emotional bond through participation
The approach: ChangeBranding

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Alliances in brand management
Cooperation not competition

The fast pace of change in the media world poses new challenges for brand agencies. Individual agencies can no longer handle all of the relevant specialst fields down to the last detail. As a result, alliances between agencies with similar quality aspirations are opening up new avenues. Bridge-building between a variety of experts keen to cooperate on projects provides the perfect solution for your brand management. wirDesign acts as a lead agendy to replace rigid processes with a flexible, organic structure that can be adapted in line with requirements. Working together with you, we navigate the CD or brand process and set up an agency network to cover all of the relevant specialist areas. Our goal remains the same: a consistent look and feel across all channels.

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